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  • I bought your Procreate Brushes, what now?"
    First, make sure your Procreate app is up to date. Some of the brushes will be in ZIP files so after you download them onto your iPad, you will have to unzip them. Then you can import them directly into Procreate. If you have any problems, please message me. You can also search “how to import brushes to Procreate” on the internet to find easy how-to tutorials.
  • How do I unzip files?
    If one of your downloads is a ZIP file, that means there are multiple files in it - so you have to "unzip" the file first. When you download the product, you'll see a down arrow icon on the top right of your internet browser. Tap on that and it will open your Files folder - or you can go directly to your Files folder. Just tap on the ZIP file and it will unzip itself and you can access all the files. If you have trouble, there are easy tutorials you can find online - just search "how to unzip files on my iPad."
  • Can I use your brushes to design stickers, printables, etc to sell?"
    Sure can! As long as you use my brushes to create an end profuct, you can sell them. What you can't do is sell my brushes/paper textures/color palettes.
  • Do you have tutorials on how to use your brushes or to preview them before I purchase them?
    I do! I have a YouTube channel with tutorials on most of my brush sets. You can also check them out on my Instagram and TikTok.
  • Can I get a refund on my Procreate order?
    Unfortunately, I can't offer refunds since my products are digital downloads. All sales are final. With that said, please make sure you want the product before purchasing.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    You can get 10% off when you sign up for my email list. I sometimes have sales so the best way to be notified is to join my email list or keep an eye out on my Instagram for announcements. Once a year I'll have a Black Friday Sale that offers my biggest discount, which is the best time to stock up on any prodcts you've had your eyes on.
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