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My Story


Welcome! I'm Tanya, the lettering artist behind My Fancy Design Shop. I'm a mom of 3 who loves all things lettering, painting and crafting. 


You might be wondering "why the name My Fancy Design Shop?" Well, my husband actually came up with it. One day sitting at my dining table I texted him “I feel like I need to do more with my lettering, I want to open up a shop. But I need a name.” He quickly responded with “My Fancy Sign Shop" - back then I wanted to make hand lettered signs.

Now, here’s the back story of using the word “Fancy.” I started my handlettering journey in late 2017. I felt like I lost myself after having my daughter. I didn’t know who I was as “me” - not a mom or wife but just ME. I always admired handlettering and calligraphy. Growing up I was always an “artsy” person so I knew I would enjoy it but I knew nothing about it other than it looked pretty. I finally decided to try it out making an Amazon order for my first set of Tombow Pens and some Crayola Supertips. The whole upstroke and downstroke confused me at first so I began with faux lettering. My sons would watch me and ask me what I was doing. They quickly began calling it “fancy writing.” My oldest sometimes sits with me before school and practices his lettering and design ideas while my other son chooses to practice at school. I learned this from his teacher who told me that when she asked him to write his letters correctly he responded with “But I’m doing fancy writing.” 

After a few months and a lot of changes, I found my new niche in this large lettering community. I wanted my name to be able to grow with me as my little business develops. That's when "My Fancy Design Shop" was created. It may not be the most creative but it holds a special meaning. It reminds me how my handlettering journey all began. How I found something for just me but also be able to share with my family. 

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